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Integrative Lactation & Family Health assists families in preparing for breastfeeding.  Classes before baby arrives allow parents to receive up to date information and hands on practice. Birthing Wisdom classes include: baby care & breastfeeding class offers prenatal preparation.

Motherhood is an emotional, physical and spiritual journey.


An expectant mother's thoughts and emotions, the physical changes she feels within her body and the spiritual awakening into motherhood can all impact on how she chooses to birth her baby. The birth of this baby will be a life transforming event. Through nurturing support and education, these life changing events can now be filled with joy and anticipation.

Parenting Classes



Supporting the Wisdom of Parents and Babies.

Whether you are already a parent or soon to become one, you realize there is no other role in your life as important. Parents never stop learning. It begins in pregnancy, and continues through the process of labor and birth. A parent's responsibilities continues to grow life long.

Parenting Wisdom classes are designed to make parents feel less alone in their journey and more confident about their role as a new parent.

The greatest gift you as a parent can give to your child is love!

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