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Infant Massage & Parenting Support Class

Come join other new parents within a relaxed, supportive environment and share your concerns as a new parent(s). Learn the beautiful art of infant massage as we support one another through this new and important time in your life. Aspects of normal growth and development with emphasis on enhancing your baby's brain growth through physical and verbal stimulation, music, massage and dietary intake will also be presented. New mother discussions on postpartum adjustment, processing your birth, sleeping patterns of the newborn, holistic remedies for teething, breastfeeding Q&A, starting solids, attachment parenting and so much more!

This series of classes includes a massage workbook, organic massage oil, relaxation CD and numerous educational handouts. This class can be taken during pregnancy and then repeated with the baby after the birth at no charge for repeat class.

To receive further information or to sign up for the next class go to Contact Info.

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